10 Solution To Why is My App Store Not Working

Only the App Store can be used to download apps for iPad and iPhone users. In rare cases, however, the iOS App Store might not function and display a message saying, ” Cannot connect to App Store.” This could cause problems with downloading, redownloading or updating apps.
Here are some solutions to problems with your iPhone apps.
10 Solution To Why is My App Store Not Working

1. Re-sign into App Store

For iOS 10.2 or earlier:

1. Go to “Settings” and click “iTunes & App Store“.
2. Choose “Apple ID” and choose “Sign Out“.
3. After you have signed out, tap on “Sign In” and type in your Apple ID and passcode.

For iOS later than 10.2:

1. Go to “Settings” and click your name.
2. Tap on “iTunes & App Stores“.
3. Click on your Apple ID and choose “Sign Out“.
4. Tap on “Sign In” and type in your Apple ID and passcode to log in again.

2. Check Wi-Fi or cellular data is working

You can’t usually use the App store if your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have an internet connection. Sometimes your device might show the WiFi icon but not have internet access. Sometimes, your mobile data may not be working at all.

This can be checked by visiting Safari or YouTube, and viewing a page or watching a video. If your iPhone or iPad connects to the internet successfully, the App Store should also be working. If it’s not, please see the next solution.

If your iPhone doesn’t work, these tutorials will help.

3. Clear The App Store Cache

Clearing the App Store cache is something that not many people are able to do. However, it can resolve all issues with your iPhone’s App Store. Tap 10 times on the tab icon at the bottom of your App Store screen to clear the AppStore cache.

To clear the cache, tap the Today tab 10 times. You won’t see the App Store reload so close it and then reopen it.

4. Check Apple’s System Status Page

Apple’s servers may be causing the App Store to not work on your iPhone. Check Apple’s system status page to make sure all dots are green, particularly the one right next to App Store.

Apple has issues if this dot and others aren’t green. Your iPhone is fine. These issues are usually resolved quickly by Apple so it’s best to wait and come back later.

5. Free up storage on your iDevice

Insufficient storage might be the reason you are unable to download or install Apps from App Store. Follow these steps to check your storage.

1. Open “Settings” and go to “General“.
2. Choose “Storage & iCloud Usage“.
3. Under “STORAGE” section, you can see how much storage is available.

Check Our Guide How to Free Up You iPhone Storage

6. Quit and relaunch the App Store

You can always use the App Switcher to force-quit an app if your device isn’t loading it from the App Store. It’s then as simple as relaunching the app on the Home Screen, and hoping for better.

7. Check Your Date & Time Settings

Your iPhone’s Date and Time settings may not be set up correctly. This can lead to many problems, including this one. Open Settings and tap . Next, tap Date and Time. Make sure you set the switch next to Set Automatically.

8. Turn off VPN

Do you use a virtual private network (or VPN) on your iPhone or iPad to access the App Store? You will see the words VPN in your iPhone’s status bar when a VPN is activated. You can access the iOS App Store with most VPNs, whether paid or free. If it keeps displaying an error and won’t allow you to explore, close your VPN app and shut down the connection.

You may not be able to access the App store with some VPNs. A free VPN might offer poor speed and cause the App Store to be slow. The “Cannot connect to App Store” error message may appear after some time and the app might not load.

9. Turn Your iPhone Off And Back On

Sometimes, simple problems can be fixed by turning off your iPhone and turning it back on. To do this, hold down the power button (also known as the Sleep/wake button) until the “slide-to-power off” message appears on your screen. For iPhones with Face ID, hold down the side buttons and either the volume button until you see “slide-to-power off”.

To turn off your iPhone, swipe the circle with power icon across the screen. It can take up 30 seconds for your iPhone to completely turn off.

Hold the power button or the side button to turn on your iPhone. To verify that it is working, open the App Store once more.

10. Update Your iPhone

An iPhone update could fix an issue that prevents the App Store from functioning properly. Open Settings and tap Software Update. If an update is available, tap Download and install or Installation Now.

After updating your iPhone, open the App Store and see if the problem is fixed. Move onto the next step if the App Store is still blank or not working.


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